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Our mission is to help feed the less fortunate section of our society by picking up excess fresh food and delivering it daily to various community / charity agencies in Qatar.​ Our vision is that no one need ever go hungry in the communities we serve and no food should go to the landfill.


We rescue surplus food and bring it to the people who need it – it’s that simple.

The work we do at Wa’hab is guided by our values:

  • A common-sense approach to feeding the less fortunate and food waste.​

  • Respect for each other, our partner agencies & recipients, donors, volunteers and our environment.​

  • Service to the community with integrity - working compassionately, honestly and with transparency.​

  • Embracing technology and diversity in everything we do.


We divert food waste off the landfill and convert it in to compost – it’s not that simple! 

We have the required logistics and technology to convert the food waste generated on various project site, large F&B outlets etc, which are currently being disposed at landfill, in to high quality Grade-A compost, using closed fermentation technology with odor control and mechanical aeration as well as using eco-friendly Processing of food waste using Microbes

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